Coffee & Tea

We proudly serve coffee from Broadway Roasting Co. in Kansas City, Mo. Broadway has been open since 1992, and started selling roasted wholesale beans from Ethiopia, Kenya, Brazil, Papa New Guinea, among others. They are a certified organic operation, working closely with farms in South America and Africa that produce both single-origin beans in addition to blends. They also produce a five-bean blend for wholesale accounts, and often customize a signature custom blend for buyers. They were nominated for The Good Food Awards in 2012; one that honors industries that work with local agricultural communities and demonstrate excellent food and drink practices. Broadway Roasting Co. supplies mostly to Midwest cafes.

At Culprit Café and Bakery, we offer the following brewing methods: French Press, Chemex, Clever, Kyoto (cold-brew), and Espresso.

All Syrups made in-house. Monthly Syrup Specials.

We also serve the following loose-leaf teas from The Tea Smith (Omaha, Neb.)

Ceylon Star(black)
Traditional Chai
Organic Chamomile(decaf)

12 oz. Broadway Coffee Beans for sale in-house