Coffee, Tea and Other Stuff



Double Shot
six-bean blend. rich, smooth, and ready to drink

espresso + hot water

Quick Press
French pressed full-bodied coffee from Brazil

Slow Pour
hand-brewed coffee, light-bodied, sweet and stark

Tower of Power
cold drip-brewed coffee, aged

Red Eye
quick press + double shot


With Milk

espresso + steamed half and half

espresso + foam + milk

Flat White
espresso + milk + microfoam

espresso + steamed milk

The Cool Hand
espresso + steamed milk + our flavor of the month

Cafe Mocha
espresso + steamed milk + chocolate sauce


*Choice of Burbach’s Countryside Dairy whole milk, soy milk, or hazelnut milk
*All coffee syrups made in-house

More Beverages

varieties provided by The Tea Smith

Daily Juices
made in-house

Chai Latte
chai concentrate + steamed milk + honey + cinnamon-vanilla syrup

Kombucha (rotating flavors)
made in-house

Fentimans Botanically Brewed Beverages
Curiosity Cola, Cherry Tree Cola, Rose Lemonade

Izze Sodas
clementine, blackberry, apple