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It's An Inside Job

Bakery Menu

Fresh Whole Loaves at Noon
Espresso shot: Six-bean blend. Rich, smooth, and ready to drink!
Quick Press: French pressed full-bodied coffee from Brazil.
Slow Pour: Hand-brewed coffee, light-bodied, sweet and stark.
Americano: espresso + hot water
Tower of Power: Cold drip-brewed coffee, aged.
Macchiato: espresso + foam
Cappuccino: espresso + foam + milk
Flat White: espresso + microfoam
Latte: espresso + milk
Vanilla Latte: espresso + milk + vanilla bean syrup
The Cool Hand: espresso + milk + our flavor of the month
Cafe Mocha: espresso + milk + chocolate sauce
Tea: Varieties provided by Tea Smith
Daily Juice: juice made in-house.
*Choice of whole, skim, soy, or hazelnut
*All syrups made in-house.
– Frittata Sandwich: carmelized onion + cob smoked ham + swiss on ciabatta
- Beignet: deep-fried choux paste topped with powdered sugar
- Flavored Beignet: Brie + Berry, Lemon Curd, Creme Anglaise + Apple, Chocolate Hazelnut
- Muffins: Flavors vary with the season
- Scones: soft biscuit + fresh fruit makes for a light and sweet breakfast
-Mediterranean Veggie: chickpea, kalamata olive, pickled veggies and dill havarti
-Mesquite Turkey: roasted tomatoes, dill havarti, caper mayo and arugula
-Pesto Chicken and Spinach: fire-braised chicken thighs, fontina cheese, pesto and sautéed spinach
-Cob Smoke Ham and Swiss: balsamic reduction, tomato and aioli
- Open-Face Veggie Sandwich: red pepper hummus, roasted tomato, zucchini, fried eggplant and
- Hummus Plate: Sliced baguette with red pepper curry hummus and tomato.
- Harvest Salad: Roasted pepitas, honey-cider vinaigrette, garlic croutons and gruyere *add chicken

* all sandwiches come with choice of soup, salad (mixed green, couscous or quinoa) or pesto potatoes